employee resources

in response to the rapidly changing situation with the covid-19 (coronavirus) and with the safety and well-being of students and employees in mind, below are information and resources for employees. there are more student and community resources listed on the student resources web page.


employees experiencing symptoms

employees are encouraged to contact the compliance safety officer/public health educator at 919-536-7200 ext. 5510. also review information on the college’s covid-19 resources web page to learn more about national, state, and local requirements and to access ncdhhs check my symptom checker.

counseling and wellness resources

employees are able to utilize the employee assistance program on a self-referral basis by contacting the college’s provider. to contact an eap counselor for free confidential assistance call 1-800-327-2255 or visit eni (nexgen). employees may also speak with their supervisor to connect them with a counselor.

supporting our colleagues - if you need to be heard, to talk, or to share what's on your mind right now please reach out to us through this form. none of the fields are required, but if you'd like someone to contact you, please enter your preferred contact method.

there is a lot of information about how best to cope during times of great stress. we would like to provide a few resources for doing so. cdc recommendations for coping with anxiety during covid-19.

cdc recommendations for coping with anxiety during covid-19.
coping with coronavirus: how faculty members can support students in traumatic times.
eni blog: lists many resource guides from self care, managing finances, to virtual meeting etiquette.
eni has also posted resource guides such as return to work, financial recovery checklist, parents summer playbook, caring for the caregiver, etc.


it is important for you to balance the types of information that you receive in each day. consider placing positive messages around your workspace. check out the action for happiness calendars or their other resources designed to keep you calm, wise, and kind.


don’t forget to take some time to breathe, think, and disconnect if only for a few minutes. establish a routine of your own and plan times for meals, breaks, and conversation with loved ones. remember, this too shall pass.


consider sending out a check-in survey using microsoft forms with your students or email students for one-on-one meetings to see how they are doing. another way is to tell students that you are available, is to be hold virtual office hours during your regularly scheduled class time. 

getting a flu shot

the college will not be offering a flu shot clinic this year. this decision was made in order to protect both students and employees from potential covid-19 exposure while gathering on campus to both receive and administer flu shots.

there are numerous ways for students and employees to receive a flu shot this year. if an employee has the nc state health plan there will be no cost to them to receive the flu shot from their personal physician or local cvs, walgreen’s, harris teeter, or target, etc. students and employees who do not have an nc state health plan can visit the following locations to receive a flu shot:

legal and identity theft resources

legalshield, a benefit provider employees may purchase through durham tech, has provided a free resource that answers legal or privacy/identity theft questions that may be encountered during covid-19.

campus operations

budgetary impacts of covid-19

the college needs to restrict spending on goods or services that require state funds. exceptions include expenses associated with supplies, equipment, and materials required for educational instruction, and essential covid-19 response items. the use of college-issued purchase cards (p-cards) will be limited, allowing the business office to monitor spending more efficiently. note: purchases are limited to the items listed above and should be approved by your supervisor before they are made. please contact liza nordstrom (919-536-7200 ext. 1010) with questions.

campus access

starting monday, september 21, the college moved to the 2020 fall guidelines: phase 2.5, with the intent of continuing operations under this phase until the college closes for winter break on december 23. the start and end dates of this phase are subject to change. 

there are new check-in requirements prior to visiting campus outlined in the what to expect when returning to campus information. 

the covid-19 campus exposure procedure (pdf) outlines what to do if you have been exposed, show symptoms, or test positive for covid-19. 

exceptions for completing a request in the campus access scheduling system prior to each visit:

  1. if you are an instructor who is teaching a course that occurs on-campus, you are authorized to be present when the class is scheduled as well as a reasonable amount of time before and after the class
  2. if you are an employee who is providing scheduled instructional activities that support a fall course, you are authorized to visit campus when that activity is scheduled as well as a reasonable amount of time before and after that activity;
  3. if you are employee who is providing scheduled student support services appointments, you are authorized to be on-campus when appointments are scheduled as well as a reasonable amount of time before and after the appointments; and
  4. if your department operates from campus, on either a full or modified basis, and you are included on the schedule, you are authorized to be on campus when scheduled to work.

if an employee is visiting campus for one of these four reasons, the employee does not need to complete a request in the campus access scheduling system. however, if you are not scheduled to be on campus and need access, discuss your need with your supervisor and if they agree, use the campus access scheduling system to schedule your visit.

facial coverings

face masks/coverings must be worn by all individuals while on campus, both indoors or outdoors. the face covering must cover your nose and mouth and be secured under the chin. if you are working in an office or workspace and you are alone, you may remove your mask. once another person enters the space, facial coverings are required.

the face shield is designed to provide eye protection, and individuals may choose to wear a shield in addition to a face mask or covering. using both is acceptable. using only the face shield is not acceptable.

employees who need accommodations should consult their supervisor and human resources for guidance. students should contact accessibility services for assistance.

view facial covering requirement and enforcement.

check-in station locations

while the college requires all students and employees who come to campus complete a check-in form to confirm that they and members in their household are free of covid-19 symptoms immediately prior to coming to campus, mini-computer stations have also been made available on campus. please direct students to the closest available check-in location if they do not have access to a cell phone to complete the form. 

cleaning supplies

facility services will supply cleaning supplies by request. these supplies include a pre-filled bottle of sanitizing solution and paper towels. if your area is in need of these supplies or a refill of supplies previously requested, the current process is to submit a work order through your building coordinator. if your building coordinator is not available, please email anne harris  or kieran gunnigle with a request to submit a work order. due to high demand, processing may take one business day.

view more information about cleaning and disinfecting in the 2020 fall guidelines: phase 2.5.

human resources

for any human resources related concerns, please check our human resources web page or contact the office at humanresources@durhamtech.edu.

durham tech contracts

to upload secure documents to human resources, please view the durham tech documents admin user guide for instructions.

campus access scheduling system, and check in process.

families first coronavirus response act (ffcra)
state of emergency work arrangements
  covid-19 high-risk/increased-risk employee attestation form

online meeting platforms

for instructional purposes in credit and non-credit classes, durham tech faculty should be using sakai meetings. having our faculty use the same platform provides a consistent environment for the students and allows us to have comprehensive training and support available to the students and faculty.

for purposes other than instruction, durham tech employees should be using microsoft teams. departmental meetings, committee meetings, club meetings, one-to-one meetings, student advising, student information sessions, and meetings with prospective employees are all instances where microsoft teams should be utilized. if your interview team is comfortable with skype for business, its will continue to support your efforts, but we encourage you to migrate your process to teams as soon as possible. microsoft is moving all of its communication of this type to the teams platform.

view training materials for sakai and microsoft teams.


in order to maintain the highest level of employee safety, contracts will only be picked up once at the beginning on the month and payroll will only be processed once at the end of the month. please ensure all transmittal information is correct. it could take up to two weeks before errors can be paid.

college vendor invoices and employee reimbursement checks will only be run on monday and wednesday. in order to get a check request paid, it must be submitted by the prior friday.

packages and mail

facility services is now moving into the new building 7, located behind the newton building on cooper street. it’s important to use the new address whenever you order items that involve shipping and receiving. effective monday, august 3, all outgoing and incoming shipments will no longer be processed at 825 bacon street, the old facility services building. the new shipping and receiving address for the college will be 1634 cooper street, building 7, durham, nc 27703. please refrain from using the college's mailing address for any shipments.

shipping and receiving will be open to durham tech employees between the hours of 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. monday through friday. if a shipment was sent to durham tech and receipt of the package has been confirmed, please email norb golebiewski to schedule pickup at the facility services loading dock located at building 7.

phone usage

there are several options available to teleworkers for accessing and using their campus phone account remotely.

  1. campus phone messages can be sent to your campus email account.
    if you don’t receive many calls but want a more convenient method to get your voicemail messages (i.e., rather than calling into get voicemail), then this is a good option for you. if this option is activated for you, you will get your voicemail messages sent to you in an email. they are in a wave file format and can be played back on most devices when reviewing your email messages. important: you will still need to connect to your voicemail box on occasion to delete your messages.
  2. campus phone calls can be forwarded to your home phone/cell phone with find me/follow me.
    if you need to be more available to your students or fellow employees (i.e., have them reach you directly and not get sent to voicemail), then this option is a good option for you. with find me/follow me calls to your office extension are forwarded through to alternate phone number. the caller will not know that this is happening and will not see your home/cell phone number. this option should suffice for most individuals on campus that need to be more available and don’t handle lots of phone traffic.
  3. its can set up a remote phone for your campus phone account (microsip).
    if your department needs to staff a telephone line remotely, will be making many calls outbound to students, and students need to be able to confirm that call is from durham tech via caller id, then this option may be a good option for your department. with microsip, an application is installed on your computer that allows the device to be used a phone extension on our phone system. when the application is running, calls that ring on your office extension will ring on the application as well. you can answer thorough microsip as if you were at your office extension. when you make calls from microsip the person you are calling will get it as if the call came from durham tech. important note: this option is the most complex to setup and manage. it is recommended mostly for those on the front line who handle many calls per day with our students

to get one of these options activated for your campus phone extension, please enter a work order, send an email to the help desk (helpdesk@durhamtech.edu), or call the help desk at 919-536-7261 and ask that one of these options be added for your extension. in the request, be sure to include your office extension, your forwarding number (for find me/follow me), and the option desired.

tracking expenses related to covid-19

the college is responsible for tracking the cost of any supplies, equipment, labor, or other items that have been or will be purchased related to managing the college's response to covid-19. we are required to share this information with the system office. employees who have received supervisor approval to purchase any items on a p-card related to college response are required to create an electronic copy of the receipt and email it to jason davis at the time of purchase.

documentation of receipts will help keep the state informed about the total monetary impact and may also result in the potential for federal reimbursement. as a general reminder, all college purchasing must be approved by the budget manager for that department in accordance with state procurement practices. do not purchase items without first gaining approval from your budget manager.


work-related travel

if an employee is traveling within the college’s service area to perform job tasks, the college's personal safety practices (see what to expect returning to campus) are the minimum standards to be followed while working at an alternate location. some locations may have additional safety protocols that are beyond the college’s standard. when this is the case, the higher standard is to be followed. employee travel outside of the college’s service area (durham and orange counties) is limited to specific employees or granted by approval only. all college-related, out-of-state travel has been suspended.

personal travel

individuals who are planning to travel outside of the state, for personal reasons, should refer to the travel guidelines provided by the centers for disease control (cdc).

policies and procedures

emergency policies and procedures related to covid-19

to address operational and instructional modifications due to covid-19, the college is developing emergency policies and procedures in in accordance with the presidential authority during emergencies and adverse conditions policy and through a modified review and vetting process.

emergency policies and procedures related to covid-19 will be housed in the covid-19 emergency response section of the policy and procedures manual and are effective only during the covid-19 emergency, unless otherwise indicated. please direct questions and information/document requests to keitcha royal.


incomplete-emergency (ie) grade
withdrawal-emergency (we) grade


families first coronavirus response act (ffcra)
state of emergency work arrangements
  covid-19 high-risk/increased-risk employee attestation form

the college/public

communicable disease emergencies

appropriate use of data

in accordance with the appropriate use of data policy, employees are prohibited from using email to share employee or student confidential information and/or personally identifiable information unless it is encrypted (see below). this includes direct identifiers (e.g., social security numbers), a combination of indirect identifiers (e.g., birth date and address), or a combination of direct identifiers and indirect identifiers (e.g., student id and birthdate). this also extends to attaching documents containing confidential information, encrypted or password protected documents, including microsoft word and excel files. 

view directions on how to send encrypted emails and sharing documents through onedrive.

if employees send an encrypted email, outlook will encrypt the content and any attachments. if an encrypted email is sent from one employee to another, it will look like a typical email but there will be an indicator that it is encrypted. if there is an attachment, it will prompt you to click a link to get that password protected attachment.

if an encrypted email is sent from a durham tech employee to someone outside the college (e.g. s gmail account), it will look a little different. you will need to click on the password protected link to read the message’s content and/or attachments.


important dates

faculty important dates: fall 2020

registration and advising

for the most recent information about registration for summer and fall courses, please see the admissions and enrollment and advising web pages for the latest updates.

program advising information is available on the website and view this advising information document to answer common advising questions.

ie  grades and withdrawal

students may request an ie due to any covid-related issues. the incomplete-emergency process will be the same as that used for the spring semester. students should talk directly with their instructors to make the request. the instructors will work with their program director or dean to process each student request and determine the appropriate timeline for course completion. if a student is approved for an ie grade, the instructor will work with the student to set the date for the submission of remaining work for the course. 

the college's normal withdrawal procedure and deadlines will be used during the fall 2020. if a student experiences medical issues related to covid after the withdrawal deadline for a course, please refer that student to consider a medical withdrawal

course evaluations

students and instructors will receive notification via email and sakai when they become available. any additional questions, please email jackie ross.

systems office information

please visit the nc community college system covid-19 response web page for their most up-to-date information.