read more about online delivery methods and learn the difference between a synchronous online class (requires students to meet at the same time online) and an asynchronous (students can go online when it is convenient for them) online class.

noncredit (continuing education) courses

view noncredit registration procedures. some programs have prerequisites with specific registration requirements or use unique registration forms. it is advised that students review the program web page they are interested in prior to registration. 

spring semester 2021

semester start and enrollment dates

the enrollment due date for spring semester 2021 was friday, october 30, however, students may submit an enrollment application and residency determination until tuesday, january 5 (view late enrollment dates below). this may not allow for sufficient processing time of documents and financial aid, so students should be prepared to pay for tuition, fees, and books independently during registration. see more information about enrollment due dates and what late enrollment means.

students are encouraged to complete all required admissions forms, attend a connectsession, and submit transcripts and financial aid documents by the enrollment due date; admissions and financial aid processes may take significant time to complete, so start early!

full semester and mini-session i courses begin: monday, january 11

mini-session ii courses begin: monday, march 15


all students must be cleared by their academic advisor prior to registration. it is strongly recommended that you see your advisor early, during october.

are you a new student? you will learn about the advising process during your connectsession, durham tech’s student orientation. after you submit your enrollment application and activate your accounts, you should complete a connectsession.

new students who complete a connectsession must then be advised by a first-year academic advisor. completing the enrollment process early will help you avoid the long wait for a response from the advisor and will give you access to a wider selection of course options.

are you a continuing student? are you admitted to a program? if the answer is yes to both questions, you likely have an assigned advisor. check your profile in self-service for your advisor’s contact information. it is your responsibility to schedule an appointment or submit an online request for advising prior to registration. please contact your advisor as soon as possible; if they do not respond within 3 business days, you may forward the email message you sent to your advisor and a message requesting assistance to, and you will be introduced to an advisor who will help you.

are you a continuing visiting student? have you previously earned more than 12 hours of transferable college credit? continuing visiting students or new students with 12 or more transferrable college credits who choose not to attend a connectsession may submit a request for online advising. view more about online advising.

career and college promise (ccp) students: view the ccp steps for enrollment and registration to learn more.

general registration

during general registration, all advised students can add courses to their schedule. ensure you are able to log into self-service, send an email to if you are not able to register for a course, send an email to for further assistance.

waitlist function available (full semester and mini-session i): monday, november 2 – thursday, january 7

waitlist function available (mini-session ii): monday, november 2 – thursday, march 11

open registration for all advised students (full semester and mini-session i): saturday, november 7 – sunday, january 10

open registration for all advised students (mini-session ii): saturday, november 7 – sunday, march 14

registration is available through self-service except fridays from 6 a.m. – 8 a.m.  daily for weekly maintenance. self-service will remain available for schedule adjustments until sunday, january 10 for full semester/mini-session i course(s), and until sunday, march 14 for mini-session ii courses.

late enrollment and advising

last day to receive advising, by 5 p.m. – friday, january 8
full semester and mini-session i final dates:

  • submit an enrollment application and residency determination, by 5 p.m. — tuesday, january 5
  • sign up and complete placement testing (if applicable) by 12 p.m. — tuesday, january 5
  • complete a connectsession — tuesday, january 5

mini-session ii final dates:

  • submit an enrollment application and residency determination, by 5 p.m. — tuesday, march 9
  • sign up and complete placement testing (if applicable) by 12 p.m. — tuesday, march 9
  • complete a connectsession — tuesday, march 9

monday, january 4 – friday, january 8 is late advising, the last opportunity to meet with an advisor for full semester and mini-session i courses. registration is not permitted if you have not completed an enrollment application, residency determination, connectsession, placement, and advising by the deadline. please note that by late advising time, longer wait times are expected and course availability is limited. you are encouraged to complete enrollment steps early.

schedule adjustments

during the schedule adjustment period, january 11 – 12, students who have completed the enrollment process by the deadline may adjust their schedules to add courses. for any course added during the schedule adjustment period, payment is due at the time of registration. once the schedule adjustment period has ended, no students may be added to courses already in progress. students requesting an exception to the schedule adjustment procedures must make a request to the academic dean over the program area responsible for the course.

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