program overview

emergency management

An emergency management supervisor looks over the shoulder of one of a group of employees at monitors.

* this program is financial aid eligible.
* this program can be completed online.
the emergency management curriculum is designed to provide students with a foundation of technical and professional knowledge needed for emergency services delivery in local and state government agencies. study involves both management and technical aspects of law enforcement, fire protection, emergency medical services, and emergency planning.

course work includes classroom and laboratory exercises to introduce the student to various aspects of emergency preparedness, protection, and enforcement. students will learn technical and administrative skills such as investigative principles, hazardous materials, codes, standards, emergency agency operations, and finance.

employment opportunities include ambulance services, fire/rescue agencies, law enforcement agencies, fire marshal offices, industrial firms, educational institutions, emergency management offices, and other government agencies. employed persons should have opportunities for skilled and supervisory-level positions.

areas of employment

  • public and non-profit: fema, nc emergency management, american red cross, ambulance services, fire/rescue agencies, law enforcement agencies, fire marshal offices
  • homeland security: u.s. department of homeland security, national guard, u.s. border patrol, u.s. immigration and customs enforcement
  • business: risk manager, business continuity manager, consulting, facilities management, 
  • environmental sciences: emergency management specialist 
  • engineering: u.s. army corps of engineers, emergency management specialist,  national architects and engineers emergency response task force program
  • social sciences: disaster research
  • information technology: hazus software, cameo (computer-aided management of emergency operations), webeoc (crisis management), hurrevac (national hurricane program), emergency communications, gis software
  • public health: doctors without borders, center for disease control (cdc), national disaster medical system (ndms) 
spring application deadline is jan 05

Estimated Tuition & Fees


degree type

associate in applied science (aas)



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program stats

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average salary

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estimated completion time

18-19 months

current and upcoming course offerings

course number title credit hours
aca-122 college transfer success 1
eng-112 writing and research in the disciplines 3
ept-124 EM Services Law & Ethics 3
ept-130 Mitigation & Preparedness 3